You want to generate incremental sales. You would like to delight your shoppers and turn them into loyal ones.
At Craze we have an even bolder result in mind. We aim to create true hysteria and offer you the next hype, mania, hot stuff…whatever floats your boat. We call it a CRAZE. 

You can expect your Craze promotion to create powerful memories and to be fondly remembered for years to come by your shoppers. What’s more, you will look back with pride at the results that were achieved.


Whilst we distinguish between promotional activities aimed at families with children and those aimed at grown-ups, the objective remains the same: for a certain period of time, to encourage your shoppers (existing and new ones) to visit your store more often and spend a little bit more on average, in order to receive a unique reward. Yet the make-up of these promotions could not be more different.